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About Us


Community Economic Ventures, Inc. (CEVI) is a microfinance subsidiary of World Vision Development Foundation (WVDF), a partner of VisionFund International (VFI) and a member of the Microfinance Council of the Philippines. CEVI integrates values formation in its provision of financial and technical assistance to micro-entrepreneur, engaged in trading, manufacturing, agriculture and service-type businesses.


CEVI has been supporting clients since 1998. We started as a microenterprise development program to address the pressing need for livelihood among families covered by the Area Development Program of World Vision Development Foundation (WVDF).

CEVI continues to implement programs that promote Christian values and integration with World Vision. CEVI microfinance services continue to provide support in augmenting the economic living condition of poor families.

Working in the Philippines

Despite domestic political tensions and the global financial crisis, the Philippines' economy has shown strong resilience in recent years. But even with the country's strong economic performance, poverty continues to worsen.


The National Statistic Board recently found that 30% of Filipinos have an income of less that US $2 a day.  


In responding to the fundamental financial needs of the poor, particularly in the face of the devastation of frequent natural disasters, our microfinance efforts are critical.  

Awards and Ratings

  • Silver Certificate of Transparency from Mix Market in 2009
  • Gold Certificate of Transparency from Mix Market in 2010
  • Gold Award Certification from CGAP for Social Performance Reporting in 2010
  • PPI certification from Grameen Foundation in 2010
  • Pricing Transparency Seal from MF Transparency in 2011
  • Platinum Certificate of Transparency from Mix Market in 2012
  • Bronze Award during the 2013 New York Film and TV Festival featuring "Genevieve Story"
  • Certified CEVI as Social Performance Management Champion
  • Outstanding Efforts in Innovation Certificate from VFI in 2015
  • Greatest Turnaround Certificate from VFI in 2015
  • Winner of the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Civil Society Partnership Award for 2016


 Maros Parreño Apostol

Maros joined CEVI as CEO in February 2015. She has spent more than 18 years in development work as a microfinance practitioner and technical advisor in the field of operations, financial management, monitoring and evaluation, marketing research, new product development, resource fund mobilization, impact assessment, system audit, and transformation from a project to a regulated MFI institution. She also has more than 12 years in international development work experience in microfinance, rural development, capacity building and post conflict management and another 10 years in training and management consultancy and civil service focusing on urban poor livelihood security.

Maros has been previously employed  with several organizations in Southeast Asia and Pacific Regions like SPBD Microfinance Holdings LTD in Fiji Islands and Samoa, Catholic Relief Services-USCC, Concern Worldwide, TSPI Development Corp and many others.

Maros has completed her Advanced Leadership Training at the University of Pennsylvania, USA and her Masters in Business Administration at De La Salle University Graduate School of Business and Economics. She finished her Bachelor's Degree in the University of the Philippines Los Banos.