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Products and Services

What do we offer?

We grant short term loans to micro-enterprise owners who require funding to develop their businesses. FODEMI feels confident regarding its clients’ commitment and willingness to progress. This is why the guarantees and requirements asked of the beneficiaries are minimal. The most important requirement is their solidarity and moral responsibility.

Every client receives supervision and advisory support from a team of technicians in charge of guaranteeing a safe utilization of funds. Complete information is provided to the clients regarding the way our credit services operate.

§  Financial Products

§  Community Banking

§  Credit Simulator

§  Individual Credit

§  Solidarity Group

§  Non-Financial Services

§  Advisory Support

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FODEMI has 3 different business and agriculture loan products for community banks, solidarity groups and individuals, and in these we have activities like: commerce, services, industry, agricultural, having half of our clients in this last one. Group loan methodology covers over 96% of its clients and 92% of its loan portfolio.


  • Individual: Granted on an individual basis to microentrepreneurs 
  • Solidarity Group: Open to men and women who possess without guarantees and assume a joint guarantee. 
  • Community Banking: Type of credit that has served women primarily, consists in the meeting of various solidarity groups to the request for credit.  


Additional Services

VisionFund offers many other services that make us stand out from the competition. Please contact our office to find more about specific services offered at FODEMI.  


VisionFund offers savings programmes that enable those without a reliable and regular income to save funds to be used in the event of disaster or misfortune. VisionFund also works with World Vision to offer savings groups, where members from a community come together to save and borrow from a central fund.


Please contact our office to find more about specific programs offered at FODEMI.