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About Us


VisionFund Honduras OPDF is a leading microfinance institution established as a subsidiary of VisionFund International, a global microfinance institution operating in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East/Eastern Europe. VisionFund International is a wholly owned subsidiary of World Vision International, a Christian relief development and advocacy organization. Working together, we provide the foundations for local economies to flourish in healthy and safe communities.


We provide financial services to people who would otherwise have little or no access to credit. The well-being of children, families and communities in Honduras is our main focus. We serve the country’s poorest people by helping them start or grow their own businesses through loans of just a few hundred dollars.


VisionFund Honduras OPDF has been supporting clients since 1995. We serve the micro and small enterprise sector, providing appropriate financing to thousands of Hondurans. Their economic position has deprived them of financial services provided by the traditional banking system.


For over two decades we have been helping the poor, who are able to start their own business. Our financial services complement the objectives of World Vision to reach those living in poverty. These combined interventions help improve their lives, the future of their children and the communities where they live.

Mision and Vision

Our Vision  

Our vision for every child, life in all its fullness;

Our prayer for every heart, the will to make it so    


Our Mission

We believe in brighter futures for children  

Empowering families to create incomes and jobs

Unlocking economic potential for communities to thrive     


  • We are Christian
  • We are committed to the poor 
  • We value people 
  • We are stewards 
  • We are partners 
  • We are responsive

Working in Honduras

VisionFund Honduras OPDF currently serves 12,476 customers through its 14 agencies that generate 110 direct jobs and 21,000 indirect jobs for 56% of our clients are women. Part of the success is thanks to the loyalty of our customers and strategic alliance that stays with PDAs World Vision Honduras, providing loans to microentrepreneurs and offer them an opportunity to improve the quality of life of their families and communities.

Our portfolio is over $ 10.5 million resulting in 12,476 customers and  24,952 children impacted.



  Lizbeth Martell

The CEO of VisionFund Honduras OPDF is Lizbeth Martell who joined VisionFund International in 2010. She moved to VisionFund Honduras OPDF in March 2013. Previously, she worked with MEDA International and Care International and today has more than 15 years of microfinance experience.


VisionFund Honduras OPDF is wholly owned by VisionFund International, and has a Board of Directors and Management Team that oversees the work of the MFI. 

Awards and Ratings

  • Rated “ BB ” for Social Rating by MicroFinanza Rating, February 2015 
  • Rated “ BB- “ for Microfinance Institutional Rating by MicroFinanza Rating, February 2015 
  • Rated A for Financial Indicators by Fundación Covelo, May 2015 
  • Rated 4 diamonds for Institutional Transparency by Mix Market, 2009