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VisionFund Rwanda offers a large selection of loans, savings programs, and other services that make us stand out from our competition. Please click through the drop-down menus below to find out more about our products.



Community Banks Group loan product: (Join hands) (Working capital through Community bank group): productive Poor clients, particularly women, without collateral, instead using peer guarantee to have access to loans.


Solidarity Group product: (Working capital through solidarity group) experienced active poor group clients are promoted to smaller groups and get higher loan sizes.

Koramuhinzi Agriculture Loans

(Loosely translated as farmer please work) agriculture product targeting rural farmers. VisionFund Rwanda is among the few financial institutions targeting farmers and assisting them with finance and training on how to increase their production through better Agricultural practices and access to better agricultural inputs in partnership with World Vision Rwanda. VFR works with many Farmer co-operatives across the country.


Individual loan product: (individual loan methodology): small and medium entrepreneurs who possess collaterals or can provide guarantors have access to loans, typically small and medium entrepreneurs.

SAFI Product

Targeting “Self help groups and Voluntary Savings and Loan Association (VSLA's) in the deep rural areas. Currently we work with CARE international and World Vision-Area Development Programs (ADPs) who link their matured VSLA's with VFR to access higher loans, as these clients start and transform from the very grass-roots levels of poverty.   It would be interesting to note that some of the members in the group request for loans as little as Rwf 5000 ($ 10) to be repaid in 12-16 weeks. VFR also serves groups that are also in the Area Development Program under World Vision     Rwanda

School Fees Loan Product

VFR has developed a school loans to meet the needs of our clients. The school fees product will especially help poor clients who belong in a community banking group and Solidarity group to send their children to school and parents/guardians are assisted with funds required at the time when children school starts; so the working capital for business is not affected too. The objective is to ensure that the children do not discontinue school due to lack of fees, books, uniforms and shoes.


Additional Services

We offer many other services that make us stand out from the competition. We are also MTN Mobile Money agents at every savings branches. Please contact our office to find more about specific services offered at VisionFund Rwanda.

M-Hano (VFR Mobile Phone Banking)

VFR Mobile Banking( M-Hano) is a service that enables customers to interact and make transactions with VFR using Mobile Network Operators platform( MTN , TIGO , AIRTEL ) such service include querying account information, issuing orders /requests, making payments, funds transfer ,mobile money transactions and SMS notifications.

M-hano Mobile services:

  • Account Balance
  • Ministatement
  • Fund transfer
  • Enquiry services
  • Loan Balance Enquiry
  • Query contact information
  • Bill payments
  • Prepaid electricity
  • Water payment
  • Airtime Purchase
  • DSTV payment
  • Startimes PayTV
  • User settings
  • PIN change
  • SMS setting
  • Change Language
  • English
  • Kinyarwanda

 M-Hano is:

  • convenient and easy
  • accessible anywhere ,anytime where there is network coverage
  • Fast and user friendly
  • Small Payment amount is accepted
  • it is secure and private
  • Real time notifications via SMS on account events 



VisionFund Rwanda offers savings programmes that enable those without a reliable and regular income to save funds to be used in the event of disaster or misfortune. VisionFund Rwanda also works with World Vision to offer savings groups, where members from a community come together to save and borrow from a central fund.


Please contact our office to find more about specific programs offered at VisionFund Rwanda.