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Future Plans

Building Futures Together - a five year strategy to reach 9 million children

In September 2011 the VisionFund International (VFI) Board approved the three year 'Clearer Vision' Five Year Strategy, known internally as the ‘Big Push’, to build a foundation for a unified global network of VisionFund Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), operating sustainably and delivering an impact to 3.5 million children annually. The focus was on developing MFIs in Africa and Asia in particular, and also Latin America, and adopting a more integrated approach with World Vision. Three years on, much progress has been made following this strategy, and in 2015 we are bringing a brighter future to 3.5 million children.


The VFI leadership team has now developed a follow-up strategy, comprising a five year strategy, Building Futures Together with a rolling three year plan.


This strategic plan is focused on delivering much greater scale of impact for children in rural areas by leveraging the huge potential advantages of having an MFI network within a development NGO (World Vision). This will build on the foundations developed through the Clearer Vision strategy built at MFI and VFI global centre level over the past three years.


Watch our Strategy Video or download our Executive Summary to learn more.