Making an Impact

Your money at work

The generosity of supporters enables us to offer life-changing financial services to people living in poverty. Most of our funding has come from donations to World Vision. We allocate funds to partners in our network who manage resources using their local knowledge to reach the people who benefit most. By managing funds responsibly we work to make the biggest impact we can.

Our loans

VisionFund has a loan portfolio of over $390 million but the average loan is for just $600. Sometimes just a very small and affordable loan provides the opportunity to buy the equipment or stock needed to set up a small business. A bit of investment upfront may be all that is needed to remove the obstacles to self-sufficiency. Borrowers are carefully assessed and support each other in groups, sharing business and financial knowledge. As profits are made and loans are paid back, the loan is recycled for a new borrower to get their business idea up and running. Every $1,000 loan creates 9 jobs on average, so whole communities benefit from local economic growth.

Outstanding Portfolio:

Total: $412,029,945


Active Borrowers:

Total: 1,069,508


Average Loan Size:

Average: $495


% of Female Clients:

Average: 70%


Children Impacted:

Total: 3,504,590

Jobs Impacted:

Total: 1,539,700