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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Microcredit Foundation EKI (MCF EKI) was established as a result of the Micro-Credit Program of World Vision International (WVI) in 1996. The first branch office of the WVI Micro-Credit Programs WVI was started in Zenica, and four years later WVI expanded their operations at seven more locations in the Federation and the Republic of Srpska.


In March 2001, a local microcredit organization was registered under the name Microcredit Organization EKI (MCO EKI). It operated under that name until 2008 when the Microcredit Organization EKI changed registration title into a Microcredit Foundation EKI and it operates under that same name until today and has 69 EKI branch offices with over 280 employees.


EKI is today one of the leading microcredit institutions in BiH, and currently has more than 40,000 customers who use loans in the value of over 120 million BAM.


EKI's loans and services aim to start up and improve agriculture, small business and commercial activities.


Since the beginning of its operations, EKI has been working on creating a strong and financially sustainable institution that will reinvest its profit into additional loan capital.