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Resourceful small business owners can improve their incomes with the help of a small loan. A thriving business helps support families. Parents can afford proper nutrition and ensure that their children stay in school.  


VisionFund Honduras OPDF began operating in 1995 as a part of World Vision to provide financial resources to communities living within the Area Development Projects of World Vision Honduras.


VisionFund Honduras OPDF currently serves over 12,476 clients through its 14 branches, has a direct impact in 110 jobs and a indirect impacting 21,000 jobs in the country 56% of our clientes are women and 24,952 impacted children. Our success can be attributed to the strategic partnership we have with World Vision, allowing us to have a holistic approach to development. The loans we provide allow people to improve the lives their families and children as well as their communities.


VisionFund Honduras OPDF is part of VisionFund International, which has a worldwide network of microfinance institutions in over 30 countries.