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We help Mongolian families get the resources they need to care for their children. Through small loans we offer access to finance, and with it, the opportunity to provide a better future for children in Mongolia.  


We are a financial institution in Northern Asia that provides financial services to people who would otherwise have little or no access to credit. The well-being of children, families and communities in Mongolia is our main focus. We serve the country’s poorest and help them start or grow their own businesses through loans of just a few hundred dollars.


Many Mongolian families rely heavily on government assistance and struggle to provide even the most basic needs for their children. When families join local co-operatives in their communities, they can take out loans with the collective support of their group members. This gives families living in Mongolia the possibility to bring themselves out of poverty. Our clients use their loans to begin or build businesses that provide regular income. With this financial security, our clients can feed their children, pay for their medicine and send them to school. Our small loans unlock opportunities for families who would otherwise go without.