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Having your own business provides a reliable and sustainable income. This in turn means a person can buy or grow food, build a strong home and send their children to school. But often poor people do not have the money to start up their own small businesses, and with no assets or credit history, they can't get loans from banks. We are working in Ghana to break this cycle of poverty.  


Each year we give 34,400 Ghanaians small loans to start or grow a business. That’s 34,400 people with the means to make the money they need to improve their children’s lives. We have been supporting poor people in Ghana since 2001, and four out of five of our clients are women.


We work in partnership with World Vision. Alongside healthcare, clean water access and education, our financial services offer communities the chance to grow and prosper. Together with World Vision, we provide a package of support to families who receive our loans.