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Client Success Stories


Jacqueline saved for years to buy a sewing machine. Then a $400 loan from VisionFund changed her life. She bought another sewing machine and then another. Now she has 24 sewing machines and employees to run them, designing and producing school uniforms in her African village. Her children are well provided for and enjoying school – her daughter has plans to become a doctor. Watch Jacqueline's story online.

Isidro, Purificacion, Luis and Juan

After receiving training in agriculture from World Vision, a VisionFund loan enabled these four Honduran farmers to form a cooperative and grow sweet potatoes. An additional loan then helped them switch to more profitable plantains. Access to credit meant that they could farm on a scale which generates enough profit to increase their living standards, send their children to school, improve homes and buy medicine.


Cambodian mother of four, Top, joined other women to apply for an agricultural group loan to increase the productivity of their farms. They borrowed $25 for fertiliser to grow rice, $100 to buy cows (which produced 3 calves) and $125 to buy land and irrigation equipment to grow rice. Since then, Top’s annual income has almost doubled and she has diversified into growing watermelons. Her children are thriving with better food and education. Her daughter wants to study to become a teacher.


Armenian farmer, Hayk, used to work on a collective farm when Armenia was part of the former Soviet Union. He now owns his own farm and, with the help of loans from VisionFund, he has increased the range of crops he cultivates, leased additional land, built storage for farm produce and hired four full-time and two seasonal employees. His increased income covers school fees for his three children and medicine for his elderly parents. In future he hopes to expand the family home and hire additional farm workers.