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Where we work

VisionFund works in 29 countries through a network of affiliated microfinance institutions.

Africa – Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, DRC and Zambia

AsiaIndiaMongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam

Latin AmericaBolivia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Peru

Middle East/Eastern EuropeArmenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and HerzegovinaKosovo, Montenegro, and Serbia

Using the menu above, choose a country from one of the four different regions to learn more about our efforts in that country.

Why we work in these areas

We focus on the poorest communities where VisionFund loans can make the biggest impact. We measure our impact in terms of the number of children who benefit. In Africa the majority of the population lives on less than $2 a day. An investment of $1,000 can transform the lives of 31 children. In Asia, the same sum will reach 14 children. By 2014 we will be focusing even more on Africa and Asia to benefit more children than ever.